S721CD Memory Lane, Cloud

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November 14, 2005 Memory Lane - Dr. Henry Cloud

Memories can be rich images of the past that generate warm, loving feelings. On the other hand, they can be so painful that we suppress them, shutting out the feelings they bring. Our memories are unique to each of us; someone who experienced the same event we did can have a vastly different recollection of what happened. We hear their version and scratch our heads, wondering, “How can this be?” Memories also fade in time—the details get fuzzy. If we are to sort through the shadows of the past, don’t we need an accurate memory of past events? How much does the accuracy of our recall affect our ability to work through things that have troubled us? Come and take a walk down Memory Lane, as we explore the relationship between our capacity to recall and our ability to resolve the mysteries of the past.

S721CD Memory Lane, Cloud